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Email Marketing Content

Email marketing is quite different to other marketing channels – and should be an essential part of any marketing strategy.

Maybe you know who your target market are, and how to target them.

But how do you keep them coming back for more?

Email marketing provides one of the very few platforms where you can cut through the noise and directly communicate with the people who have shown a legitimate interest in what you have to offer. By opting in to your email marketing programme, they have already told you they want to continue their relationship with you!

Crafting the right message via email is challenging. You need to think about not only the content, but the timing – not to mention who you send it to. Because let’s be honest – are all your customers interested in the same thing?

Your customers are complex, with different goals, interests and pain points. So don’t lump them all into one group!

Why work with me on your Email Marketing?

I have extensive experience in creating email campaigns for audiences large and small – plus a Distinction in a Professional Diploma in Data-Driven Marketing from the Institute of Data & Marketing (IDM). I get data.

Email marketing can transform your relationships with your customers – and super-charge your sales. Work with me, and you don’t just get engaging email copy. You will also get a lead magnet that draws your target audience in and increases your sign-ups.

Let’s connect, and make your email marketing attract more customers by working not just harder – but smarter.

Email Marketing Packages

Packages and prices that get results.

All packages include a 60-minute onboarding call and a detailed brief. If you require a retainer package for your email marketing, let’s connect and I will create a custom quote.


1 Lead Magnet

Sign-up Email

2 rounds of amends



1 Lead Magnet

5 email sequence

2 rounds of amends / email



1 Lead Magnet

10 email sequence

2 rounds of amends / email


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